Kat Scarlett

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A Blessed Mess.

I keep expecting to get to that part of my 20's where things start to come together and fall into place. Then the rug get's pulled from under me and I feel like I'm back at square one again, struggling to figure out who the hell I am.

So from what I can gather over the past 2.5 decades, I'm Kat. I'm an introvert with a loudmouth. I'm a cat lady who loves her apartment and am excitedly filling it up with plants. I love a good coffee date where I can listen to friends bare their souls. And pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza! 

Explore Mindfulness & Self Compassion With Me

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Loving Yourself Is A Practice!

In our culture, we're hardwired to fixate on our flaws. ​We compare, we hurt ourselves with perseverating on things we wish we could have or want to change. We get trapped in our minds, but we don't actually manifest that into reality. 

Loving ourselves is more than just existing! 

It's daily work and practice. It's doing the hard stuff like forcing yourself to maintain habits you hate. Going to the gym, eating healthy, not staying in bed with Netflix all day!

But I want to explore what mindfulness and self-compassion have to offer. I want to approach taking care of myself with love and discipline in a way I haven't been. 

Let's do this together!